Ignition controller 0529.3734

General information:

The ignition controller 0529.3734 is purposed for operation in breakerless ignition systems of automobiles VAZ-2108, VAZ-2109, “Tavria” and others including the automobiles of foreign production equipped by analogous ignition systems with the Hall effect sensor.

The ignition controller operates together with the ignition coil 27.3705 and ignition allocator 40.3706, 53.3706 or others with analogous parameters.

This ignition controller is designed specially for the possibility of setting on the vehicles with the electric circuits of poor quality.

It has an elevated operating temperature range. Reliability and correspondence to specifications is guaranteed at the temperature of the ignition controller radiator up to 115°C. The given item has oscillograms of currents and voltages which differ a little from traditional ones, during exploitation process it has heating of the radiator on low rotations frequence of the engine crankshaft all that is stipulated. Starting from 2007 year the ignition controller 0529.3734 has protection against short-circuit in the power supply circuit of the Hall effect sensor.

The ignition controller can be operated without a battery.

According to requirements to ignition systems, ignition controller ensures against overvoltage by stabilization of voltage fed to the sensor.

Operation of the ignition controller without a battery is allowed.

The ignition controller is designed to operate over a single-wire scheme in which the negative output of the supply voltage is connected to the housing of the vehicle. An operating mode of the ignition controller is S1 in accordance with DSTU GOST 3940.

The ignition controller is mounted on a stipulated for it place in the vehicle with the help of standard fastenings and a standard plug thus it is necessary to ensure reliable contact between the radiator of ignition controller and the vehicle housing.

The warranty period of exploitation is 3 years from the date of commissioning or from the date of sale in retail commercial network. The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid during four years from the date of the item production. The date of production is marked on the case of the item housing.

Technical data:

Range of operating temperatures
from -40°C to +100°C
Nominal supply voltage
12 V
Permissible limits of supply voltage (up to 5 min.)
6 - 18 V
Range of an uninterrupted spark formation of the crankshaft of the 4-cycle 4-cylinder engine
20 - 7000 rpm
Commutating current
7,5 ± 0,2 A
Time of a sparkless cutoff of a collector current
1 - 2 s
Maximum allowable influence of the increased power supply voltage up to 5 min. at the spark formation frequence more than 200 Hz (6000 rpm of the crankshaft of the 4-cycle 4-cylinder engine)
25 V
Maximum allowable pulse overvoltages of a positive and negative polarity
200 V

Connection diagram of ignition controller:

Dimensional drawing:

Dimensional drawing of ignition controller 0529.3734

Additional information:

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