Contactless throttle position sensors SV360

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General information:

The contactless throttle position sensors (TPS) SV360 (in various modifications) generate a voltage of a certain level at the output in accordance with the modification characteristic depending on the shaft position angle.

A feature of these sensors is the rotation of the shaft (core) of the sensors by 360 degrees in both directions without limitation (return spring and stops are absent).

Application: automobiles with different types of throttle units, various (including non-automotive) equipment.

It is possible to use any modification of the SV360 sensors as a counter of shaft revolutions or to measure the speed of its rotation. It is allowed to disassemble the sensor and replace or modify the inner shaft to fit the shape of the mating part required by the customer (the manufacturer's warranty does not apply to modified products).

It is possible to introduce new modifications of sensors with output characteristics in accordance with customer requirements.

The sensors are produced in a single climatic design O2.1 in accordance with GOST 15150 for internal market and for export. On protection degree against penetration of foreign bodies and water, the items meet design IP67 in accordance with EN 60529. An operating mode of the sensors is S1 in accordance with DSTU GOST 3940.

The warranty period of exploitation is 3 years from the date of commissioning or from the date of sale in retail commercial network. The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid during four years from the date of the item production. The date of production is marked on the case of the item housing.

Technical data:

Range of operating temperatures
from -40°C to +125°C
Nominal supply voltage
5 V
Maximum consumption current
12 mA
Full mechanical shaft`s rotation angle
Operating angle range
see output characteristics
Maximum nonlinearity of functional characteristic in operating angle range
no more than ±1%
Functional characteristic error in control points at Upow=5,0 ± 0,05 V
no more than ±15 mV
Noise voltage
no more than 4 mV

Output characteristics:

Name Output characteristic

Dimensional drawing:

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