Contactless throttle position sensor 3102.3855

General Information:

The contactless throttle position sensor (TPS) 3102.3855 is purposed for constant current formation that is proportional to the throttle valve opening angle of the engine fuel injection system.

Application: automobiles “Chevrolet Lanos”, “Daewoo Lanos” 1.5i/1.6i, “ZAZ Lanos” 1.5i, “Daewoo Matiz” 0.8i, “Chevrolet Aveo” 1.5i and others (since the power units of cars are equipped with different types of throttle assemblies, it is possible to use various non-interchangeable TPSs. The choice of TPS should be guided by the shape of the sensor shaft holder).

The direction of rotation of the shaft (core) of the sensor from the initial position is clockwise from the side of the throttle valve (see the drawing below).

The sensor is produced in a single climatic design O2.1 in accordance with GOST 15150 for internal market and for export. On extent of protection against penetration of foreign bodies and water, the item meets design IP67 in accordance with EN 60529. An operating mode of the sensor is continuous nominal S1 in accordance with DSTU GOST 3940.

The throttle position sensor is mounted on the throttle body of the engine`s fuel injection system where the setting of TPS CTS 06595, 3102.3855 or other analog sensors with the help of standard screws is stipulated. It is necessary to be assured that lug for the throttle`s axe flat is parallel to the line which connects the centers of the fastening holes of the throttle position sensor during mounting.

The resource of this product is not limited to the mileage of the car. The warranty period of exploitation is 3 years from the date of commissioning or from the date of sale in retail commercial network. The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid during four years from the date of the item production. The date of production is marked on the case of the item housing.

Technical data:

Range of operating temperatures
from -40°C to +125°C
Nominal supply voltage
5 V
Maximum consumption current (modification before 2017/after 2017)
13 / 12 mA
Full mechanical shaft`s rotation angle
no less than 121° ± 3°
Operating angle range
from 23° to 108°
Maximum nonlinearity of functional characteristic in operating angle range
no more than ±1%
Functional characteristic error in control points at Upow=5,0 ± 0,05 V
no more than ±15 mV
Noise voltage
no more than 4 mV

Output characteristic:

Dimensional drawing:

Image Info

The contactless throttle position sensors (TPS) 3102.3855 is an electronic type sensor built according to an electronic circuit using a bridge magnetic field sensor and a microcontroller. Its consumption current is about 10 mA (sensors manufactured until 2017 have about 12 mA). Standard sensors used in most cars are mechanical sensors of the resistive type, with a current consumption of about 1 mA.

For the vast majority of cars, such a difference in current consumption does not matter, and electronic sensors operate without resource limitation, having much higher parameters than mechanical ones. However, in some instances of cars, a situation is possible when, due to defects in the car circuits (for example, increased resistance of the «0V» circuit) or due to current limitation in the power circuit by the engine control unit, the electronic sensor may not work correctly. As practice shows, it is quite difficult to find a specific defect in this case (this requires qualification and special measurements). In this case, it is recommended to return the sensor to the distribution network with the mark «not suitable» and continue to use mechanical sensors with low current consumption.

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