Restrictive rectifier unit BVO11-150-22.88

General information:

The restrictive rectifier unit BVO11-150-22.88 (БВО11-150-22.88) is purposed for rectification of the three-phase alternating current and limitation of the impulse of overvoltage in the system of auto electrical equipment composed of alternator set.

Application: automobiles MAZ with engines YaMZ-7511 and others with alternators 4242.3771, 4242-03.3771 and others.

The restrictive rectifier unit BVO11-150-22.88 is produced with a pressed-in M8 output bolt.

BVO is produced in a single climatic design O2.1 in accordance with GOST 15150 for internal market and for export. The operating mode of the alternator – S1 in accordance with DSTU GOST 3940.

The restrictive rectifier unit is mounted directly on the alternator, where is stipulated the setting of rectifier units BVO11-150-22.88, with the help of standard fixture elements.

The warranty period of exploitation is 3 years from the date of commissioning or from the date of sale in retail commercial network. The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid during four years from the date of the item production. The date of production is marked on the case of the item housing.

Technical data:

Nominal voltage
28 V
Maximum rectified current
no more than 150 A
Power diodes voltage drop with t°=(25 ± 10)°C and If=100 A
no more than 1,08 V
The limiting voltage of power rectifier diodes
36 - 41 V
The quantity of power rectifier diodes
8 pcs
The quantity of additional rectifier diodes
The method of connection of the stator winding
Pressed output bolt

Circuit diagram of restrictive rectifier unit :

Dimensional drawing:

Dimensional drawing of restrictive rectifier unit BVO11-150-22.88
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