Multifunctional voltage regulator 9888.3702

General information:

The multifunctional voltage regulator 9888.3702 is purposed for voltage maintenance of the vehicle power network in predetermined limits in all system operation modes of electrical equipment at change of the rotation frequency of the alternator rotor, electrical load and environment temperature.

Application: high power consumption automotive vehicles (transit and city buses, heavy vehicles, motorhomes, trucks, and others) with high power brushless alternators A203-T1 28V/400A, A203/01/28V 400A, A205 28V 400A, A203/21/28V 400A, A203/11/28V 400A, A203/20/28V 330A manufactured by DYNAMO Sliven (Bulgaria), in which transited voltage suppressors (called also Avalanche, and Zener diodes) are used.

The voltage regulator 9888.3702 provides complete disconnection of the alternator excitation winding from the power network, which increases the reliability and safety of the power supply system.

The regulator provides a smooth increase in load current.

Voltage control and regulation are carried out directly at the output terminal of the alternator (all power supply circuits of modern high-class cars are built based on this principle).

An interference suppression capacitor is a part of the regulator.

The regulator is produced in a single climatic design O2.1 in accordance with GOST 15150 for internal market and for export. On extent of protection against penetration of foreign bodies and water, the item meets design IP67 in accordance with EN 60529. An operating mode of the regulator is S1 in accordance with DSTU GOST 3940.

The regulator is mounted directly on the alternator, where is stipulated the setting of regulators 9888.3702 with the help of standard fixture elements.

The warranty period of exploitation is 3 years from the date of commissioning or from the date of sale in retail commercial network. The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid during four years from the date of the item production. The date of production is marked on the case of the item housing.

Technical data:

Range of operating temperatures
from -40°C to +85°C
Regulating voltage with at t°=25°C, alternator load 10 A and rotation speed 6000 rpm
28,5 ± 0,2 V
Maximum current of output circuit
10 A
Thermal compensation of regulating voltage Ureg
-10 ± 2 mV/°C
Prolonged overvoltage
60 V
Maximum allowable impulse overvoltage when it is composed in the alternator with a duty cycle of not more than 10%
with a pulse duration up to 500 ms
72 V
with a pulse duration up to 10 ms
100 V
Maximum current of the "IGN" line
10 mA
Maximum total current of the "IGN" and "B+" lines (ignition is switched on without rotation of alternator)
350 mA

Connection diagram in the alternator set:

Dimensional drawing:

Dimensional drawing of voltage regulator 9888.3702
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