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Ignition controller 90.3734
General information
Connection diagram
Dimensional drawing


General information:

The ignition controller 90.3734 is purposed for work in breakerless systems of atomobiles GAZ, ZIL and others with magnetoelectric sensor that is with the ignition coil B116 type without an additional resistor or any other with analogous parameters.

В коммутаторе 90.3734 в качестве коммутирующего элемента использован традиционный биполярный составной транзистор. Работа с отключенной аккумуляторной батареей или при ее неисправности не допускается.

The ignition controller 90.3734 has an elevated operating temperature range. Reliability and correspondence to specifications is guaranteed at the temperature of the the ignition controller radiator up to 115 °С.

An operating mode of the ignition controller is S1 in accordance with GOST 3940.

The ignition controller is mounted on a stipulated place for it in the vehicle with the help of standard fastenings. For the reliable operation of the ignition controller and the fulfilment of of safety requirementsit is necessary to ensure reliable contact between the radiator of ignition controller and the vehicle housing.

The warranty period of exploitation is 3 years from the date of commissioning or from the date of sale in retail commercial network. The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid during 4 years from the date of the item production.




Range of operating temperatures, °С
-40 .. +100
  Nominal supply voltage, V
  Permissible limits of supply voltage, V
6,0 .. 18,0
  Range of an uninterrupted spark formation, rpm of the crankshaft of the 4-cycle 4-cylinder engine
20 .. 7000
  Commutating current, А
6,5 ± 0,3
  Time of a sparkless cutoff of a collector current, sec
1 .. 2
  Maximum allowable influence of the increased supply voltage up to 5 min. at the spark formation frequence more than 200 Hz (6000 rpm of the crankshaft of the 4-cycle 4-cylinder engine), V
  Maximum allowable pulse overvoltages of a positive and negative polarity, V


Connection diagram:

Connection diagram of the ignition controller 90.3734


Dimensional drawing:

Dimensional drawing of the ignition controller 90.3734
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