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General information
Dimensional drawing


General information:

The thermostabilization unit TMS23 is purposed to maintain in the predetermined range the vehicles units' temperature at the low environment temperatures.

The unit is produced in a single climatic design O2.1 in accordance with GOST 15150 for internal market and for export. The unit TMS23 is designed on a two-wire circuit in which both outputs and the whole unit are isolated from the vehicle housing. The polarity of supply voltage can be anyone. The unit also ensures automatic adaptation to the supply voltage level. An operating mode of the unit, in accordance with GOST 3940 is continuous nominal S1.

The unit is mounted on the standard place in the housing part according to the design and technological documentation. The unit heating element fastens to the surface of the housing part through a heat-conducting insulant spacer by the screw. Thus it is necessary to supply maximum heat-conduction from the unit heating element to the surface of the housing part by means of using the special heat-conducting paste. For hermetic sealing the unit is filled in by the compound that is included in the set of consignment by the delivery of units.

In the near future will be begun serial release of new construction with reduced overall dimensions

The warranty period of exploitation is 3 years from the date of commissioning or from the date of sale in retail commercial network. The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid during 4 years from the date of the item production.




  Supply voltage, V
12,0 .. 36,0
  Generated power,W
80 .. 100
  Consumption current at temperature (0 ± 1) °С, А:  
  - at supply voltage (13,5 ± 0,2) V
6,4 ± 0,7
  - at supply voltage (27,0 ± 0,4) V
3,2 ± 0,4
  Consumption current at temperature higher 20 °С, not more, A
  Maximum allowable influence of increased supply, V
  Maximum allowable pulse overvoltages, V
  Insulation resistance, V


Dimensional drawing:

Dimensional drawing of the thermostabilization unit TMS23
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